12 Spring Projects to Refresh Your Home Inside and Out

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  • 12 Spring Projects to Refresh Your Home Inside and Out
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It won’t be long now until we can put away the salt, snow shovels, snow boots, heavy winter coats—and welcome spring! It comes at various times depending on where you live, and for some, you may enjoy a warm season year-round. Nevertheless, there some things that everyone in all climates can plan for and look forward to. As summer approaches, all of us will be spending more time outdoors and probably inviting more guests over. In preparation for the summer season, designate a Saturday for spring cleaning, and have fun while working with the whole family! Here are some suggestions on where to start:

  1. Wash all the windows and sliding glass doors. Sometimes we don’t realize just how dingy the windows are until we see them sparkling clean. Whoever gets this job will be rewarded with a crystal-clear view!

  2. Clean out inside storage areas like closets, linen closets, and junk drawers. You probably have clothing, linens, and a variety of other items that you are not using anymore. Throw out the junk and donate other items of value to your favorite charity. 

  3. Now is a good time to schedule professional carpet cleaning (or if you’re really ambitious, rent a cleaner and do it yourself!). You can save money by doing it yourself—but either way, your carpets will look so much fresher and welcoming afterwards.

  4. Clean your refrigerator coils. This needs to be done periodically, so why not do it with your spring cleaning? When the coils are dirty and dusty, they don’t work efficiently—so your fridge tends to run more, costing you more money. Cleaning them is simple. Pull out the fridge and use the vacuum hose attachment to reach the coils in the back.

  5. Schedule routine heating, ventilation, and air conditioning maintenance. Taking care of this early will prepare your AC system to run smoothly all summer long. Otherwise, you may end up having to get it fixed during those hot summer months when you definitely don’t want to be without air conditioning. Look online for local HVAC companies. 

  6. Spring is a good time to consider re-painting certain rooms that need refreshing or could use a new look. Painting it yourself is simple and will save you money. It’s also a good time for painting the outside of your home, and if you have the equipment and the ambition to do it yourself, go for it. Whether you do it now or later in the summer, spring is a good time for planning and scheduling.

  7. Clean your gutters. This is a good idea to schedule for the fall or spring; just make sure your gutters are clear ahead of all the spring and summer rains, when they have the potential to clog. Clogged drains are often the cause of leaks in the basement which can negatively impact your house foundation. So be prepared by taking care of it early!

  8. Inspect and repair your roof. Spring is the time to get out on the roof to check for ice, hail, or water damage from winter. If you can make simple repairs now, it may save you from having to make major repairs later on.

  9. Clean your outdoor furniture. Here’s something as simple as a good scrub—and then you won’t have to worry about getting your clothes dirty when you sit down afterwards!

  10. Clean your garage. Whose garage can’t use some seasonal reorganization? Purging the junk is also a good idea. Many communities have spring clean-up days during which residents can bring car loads of unwanted household goods to a drop-off location for free or a small fee. Sometimes this is a good way to get rid of old computers or other items that are not in use.

  11. Springtime means thinking about gardens—whether you want to plant flowers or vegetables. The first steps for this involve planning, purchasing the tools, seeds, or bulbs, and then preparing the soil. Some vegetable seeds should be planted in planters indoors as early as February, March, or April, so that they can be transferred to the outdoor garden once spring frosts are done. This will enable you to begin enjoying the vegetables in early summer.

  12. There is always yardwork to be done after winter is over. Windy winter days cause tree branches and sticks to litter lawns. Likely there are fallen leaves that missed the last fall raking. Bushes need trimming, lawns need seeding and fertilizing. And of course, at some point, once the grass begins to grow, the mowing will commence.

While some of these chores will only take a few minutes, others a few hours, and others perhaps days or weeks of planning—the final result will make way for the lazy days of summer. Do the work now, so you and your family can reap the benefits later.